Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Salted Baked Chicken -Chakey's

For those who read my review on Nini Eat First Talk Later, would know that I am on a quest to find salted baked chicken. It is rare in Singapore but I have obtained a couple of addresses to go. Here goes the first one. I do not know whether I have eaten this food but this is the first time I ate from this brand Chakey's. I am not sure whether this is Hakka's version. Anyway, just jiak (eat) lah...

After unwrapping... tadah
Look like steamed chicken with a tint of baked skin at the drumsticks and wings. I was expecting it to be crispy on the outside. Some black sauce with coarse salt pooled at the bottom of the chicken. 
Nevertheless, it was quite tasty, soft and tender, not as saltish as I thought it would be. There is a hint of herb used which somewhat reminds me of herbal chicken. The drumsticks were especially tasty. I was thinking probably I had travelled for a long time before getting the dish on the dining table (it was still hot and steamy when I requested for a takeaway) and hence the surface of the chicken was quite moist like steamed chicken. My family loved it.

The chicken were already packed as above when we arrived. The store assistant would pack the wrapped chicken together with a packet of chilli, which I thought tasted similar to that used in Yong Doufu, in a box.

There are 3 different prices, I ordered the smallest one at price of $17.50 per pack. This was enough for my family of 3. I heard there are several branches but I bought this from the Katong's branch. It's opposite 112 Katong. Address as indicated in box. (see below). 

If I try another brand of Salted Baked Chicken, I would surely blog another post on it.

P.S They only have takeaways.

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  1. I've never had chicken prepared this way. Did you enjoy it?
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