Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Preparation for P1

Amidst the confusion of filling up the administrative forms for Primary One (P1) admission, I got the book list on the spot and bought almost everything that is listed, even the optional items. The only thing I did not buy is a thumb drive. Strange enough there was not a long queue for both bookshop and the store that sells uniform.

The trip to the new school both excites and unnerves me. Little One is growing up! She is going to P1 next year! At the same time, looking at the items that were compulsory, they include earphones, markers, whiteboard and a duster, items that I never used when I was in P1. I could see that the mode of education is different from what I used to have. More advanced technology are used. The textbooks used were so very different. I wonder whether how I was taught then were outdated. I doubt my ability to assist her should she need any help for school work.

Feelings aside, I need to keep calm. Now I only have to get her a school bag, another pair of white shoes, a new water bottle, labels for her school uniform, and some basic stationery. Maybe, a lunchbox too.

Do you remember getting ready the items your children need for their formal education?
Do you have similar feelings like I do?

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