Monday, December 14, 2015

Exploring Neighbourhood :Bukit Merah - The Bakery Chef

Christmas is coming soon! I had been traveling with Little One to explore various neighbourhoods. Although we had been to quite a few of them, I could not blog about them until now. That was because I was forced to have a rather long blog break. They were numerous factors, one leading to another, which kept me super busy over this one month and the most serious was ,of course, the laptop (which I kept my precious photo) crashed.

Exploring an old neighbourhood can be quite interesting, especially when you have not been to the neighbourhood for a long time. Then, on your next visit, new development appears. I had been eyeing on this little cafe tucked in a Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3711, Singapore, 150161 because of its beautiful cakes. The name is The Bakery Cafe. I would pass by whenever I go to Bukit Merah Public Library.. This cafe is not really new. It started business in November 2013 but it took me almost 2 years before I finally step into it in late Oct this year. So, this review is only based on what we experience that day.
We were the only one dining outside the cafe. It was full house in the cafe.
We ordered a mini rainbow cake set which came with a macaroon of choice, pistachio in this case. The cake is soft and is perfect match with the cream which taste heavenly. Probably one of the best rainbow cake I have tasted. I like the macaroon too. It is not too sweet. The coffee was decent enough too. Verdict: We will be back for the cake! 

There is a review on this cafe by Daniel Food Diary. He also mentioned that there were 2 other cafes in the vicinity. This cafe is the nearest to the library.

You may want to visit their facebook page  or their  website to find out more what they have to offer.
Bon appetite!

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