Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10th Anniversary at Goodwood Park Hotel

My hubby and I just celebrated our 10th Anniversary at Goodwood Park Hotel, a 5 star hotel in Singapore. I had requested hubby to take leave for a celebration.

As Little One was in school in the morning, we had some "We Time" together having brunch, haircut and walking around in the Financial District. We have not been doing this frequently except during Chinese New Year when hubby's company shuts down. This is one great time to bond again together.

After school, we brought Little One to Goodwood Park Hotel. We chose to celebrate in Goodwood Park because this place is special to us. We held our ROM reception at the Coffee Lounge 10 years ago. As we walked towards the hotel, I felt my heart pounding exactly it was 10 years ago. I was butterfly excited and kept talking to Little One about her parents' wedding then. We wanted to share this memory with Little One. It made her anxious to see the location too!
Tower Block of Goodwood Park Hotel
Prior visiting, we actually watched a video which my brother in law took on that important day! How we have aged! Although some guests that we knew does not seemed to age much, the most obvious change were that of the children. They have grown from chubby toddlers to lean children! The oldest is already in Secondary school! How time flies!

Goodwood Park Hotel
When we talk of Goodwood Park Hotel, everyone reminded of the famous durian pastries. For those who loves durian, this is a must go place. Enough of durian, do you know the tower block is actually a monument of Singapore (Gazetted on 23 September 1989)?

"The Tower Wing of the present-day Goodwood Park Hotel was home to the German Teutonia Club, one of the earliest European national clubs in Singapore. It is a prominent landmark in the Orchard area for its unique architecture. The charming structure serves as a reminder of the Germans’ contributions to trade in early colonial Singapore, and of the impact of the First World War on the local German community. Goodwood Park Hotel is also a monument to the flourishing hotel industry in Singapore during the colonial period and beyond."

The tower block was home to the German Teutonia Club in 1900.  It was designed by architect R. A. J. Bidwell of Swan and Maclaren in the Queen Anne style (a mix of Dutch, French and English influences that was popular in England in the nineteenth century.) The main features of this architectural style include brick pediments, towers, verandahs, and detailed textures – all of which can be seen in the building’s design. The front stairway leads up to the main entrance, which is topped by the impressive turret-like tower and flanked by two gable walls with semi-circular pediments covered in elaborate mouldings of leaves, flowers, and ribbons. Blocked architraves and rusticated walls add texture to the monument. It has a striking tower, the building included electric lighting installations that were considered advanced for its time.  The Teutonia Club was the centre of German social life in Singapore.

Gable wall with semi-circular pediments covered in elaborate mouldings of leaves, flowers, and ribbons.
Good times at the Teutonia Club lasted until World War I. The British government in Singapore classified all Germans as enemy forces and shipped most of them to Australia. The Teutonia Club was then seized by the Custodian of Enemy Property.

In 1918, the building was sold at public auction to the Manasseh brothers, Morris, Ezekiel and Ellis. The building was converted into a reception hall known as Goodwood Hall. In 1929, the Manasseh brothers converted the establishment into a full-fledged hotel and renamed it Goodwood Park Hotel.

In 1942, the hotel was converted into a residence for high-ranking Japanese soldiers. After the end of the Japanese Occupation in 1945, the hotel became the site of the British War Crimes Court, where more than 100 Japanese war criminals were tried and convicted.
Main entrance

The hotel resumed its operations in 1947 with the British army handing the building back to the pre-war owners. In 1963, the hotel was bought over by the Malayan Banking Group, and then by billionaire banker and hotelier Khoo Teck Puat in 1968. Now the hotel is owned by the Khoo family.

Back to our anniversary celebration, we went straight to Coffee Lounge. By that time, the Local High Tea Buffet had already started. (3pm) We did not make any reservation, we just walked in. The place was different from 10 years ago. It used to have the restaurant name on the wall but I could not find it any where now.

It has a buffet spread with more than 20 popular local snacks, mains and desserts. Little One loves the Ang Ku Kueh while both my hubby and I love the chwee kueh. We find it very delicious especially the chye poh is pleasantly sweet. I remember having the mee siam 10 years ago and I think it tasted the same as before.

Local High Tea Buffet
After the high tea, we were absolutely full. We decided to buy some durian puffs home. These are absolutely delicious.
Not forgetting to get some durian puff from Deli.


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