Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wrapping up 2016

We are well into the new year!
And Chinese New Year is around the corner.

If you notice my blog becomes quieter, it will probably stay that way unless I have something interesting to blog about. Not that Singapore is a boring place. In fact,  it has plenty of interesting places to explore and visit. Just last month, I visited Jalan Besar. And I think it is pretty awesome and quite an eye-opener. I have not been blogging about it because I could not find any time to do so. School holidays makes it even harder so. My primary focus is still on the family. However, I am allocating a time slot for blogging and I will see how that goes.

I never expect to find these at Jalan Besar!

This year, I intend to finish up the crafts which I had left undone. I intend to pull up my socks on calligraphy. I had bought a lot of crafting stuff and I shall see that they are being used. Probably I would pick up one or two new skills this year.

Last year, not only had I learnt to slow down , I had also learnt that not to expect too much from Little One. Throughout out her P1 years, I had thought that Little One could have done better for the assignments I gave but I realised  later in the year that she had been doing fairly well in her cohort. Although she was not the top student in her class but nevertheless, the report book and comments from the teachers were rather positive. That made me think I had probably expect too much from the child. Nonetheless, I feel that there is a lot of room for improvement on her Chinese.

Blog's progress

Top 5 post of 2017
These are selected based on total page views.

5. The art of Batik
Batik is one of my favorite subject. I was fortunate to attend a batik tour and some classes last year. For the first time, I attempted layering something which I had wanted to do for a long time. Although I did not blog about the pieces that I did.
This is done by layering but not by me.

4. 10th Anniversary at Goodwood Park Hotel
We celebrated our 10th anniversary at Goodwood Park Hotel. It was the place we celebrated after our solemnisation 10 years ago. The tower block is actually a monument of Singapore! Back then, I did not know.

Tower Block of Goodwood Park Hotel

3. Lessons from the school holidays
From the June holidays, I learnt to slow down! Slowing down lets one enjoy one's time better and also to recuperate.
Labrador Park during low tide. I never know the tides can be as low as this!

We enjoyed the street parties at Singapore Heritage Festival. It was a time to revive olden days livelihood. I just hope these culture will never disappear.
Various performances

And No. 1 goes to...
This is another site which I visited during the Singapore Heritage Festival. A enchanting site for musical box lovers. And yes, the site is also gazetted as a national monument.

Doesn't this reminds you of a vinyl player?

I noticed last year top posts were mostly heritage related. This is also one area of interest which I had developed over the years. It is quite addictive once you start to learn about it.

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