Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oil Painting

Towards the end of last year, I attended a oil painting class in the library. The instructor, David Chan is great! We were to draw a fruit basket that day. I have learnt some techniques and how to wash off oil paint from a paint brush.  

I also realized that oil painting can be painting over and over again like acrylic. Compare below 2 pictures. I could not achieve brown initially and I painted a totally off colour for the basket. It is only much later, I painted a close to the original colour not the exact colour of the subject. 

Comparing oil with acrylic, oil takes a much longer time to dry. While carrying home the artwork, some paint actually came off.

Completed piece: total time taken : approximately 2 mornings

At the end of 3 hr class, compare to above, addition 1 morning to complete the work.
I had some oil paint left after completing the fruit basket. Hence, I decided to use them all up. I managed to borrow a book on oil painting. The below book , "Oil Painting Step by Step " by Noel Gregory, James Horton, Roy Lang and Michael Sanders gave good tips on painting. In the book, the authors would also advise what colours to use to create the paintings in the book.  As I had mainly left blue paint, I thought I might paint just a picture of the sea. I managed to find a picture in the book to copy but did not copy the colour scheme. I have only 2 blues, 1 red and white. I had ran out of yellow! I followed the tips on how to create waves, especially those on the horizon. Below is the result.

Oil on cardboard, within 1 hour.  Jan 2017
I admit I am surprised with the outcome. I am not sure whether I would be able to reproduce such a work with acrylic (still my preferred painting medium) next time.

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