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Layang Layang Kite Flying Fun @ Marina Barrage 2012

8th July 2012

Layang means Kites in Malay. I happened to know about this event on Facebook. Remembering the fun time I had flying layang with my siblings,  I guess it will be great to introduce this fun activity to my little one. 

In the past ,we didn't have a fun place called Marina Barrage then. Neither did we know of  any open fields which we could fly kites safely. * Oh yes, people during my generation seemed to fly near the beach more, or is it? :P *My siblings and I are not good with kites. *I used 'are' coz we still 'are' not at good it. :D* We would fly plastic bags along the corridor near our flat as my mom wouldn't bring us to play downstairs. 

My girl is much fortunate. She has a place called  Marina Barrage to fly kite and a Dad who knows how to fly a kite! :) This was her third visit.

We arrived and received a free kite from NTUC Income. However, we could not start the fun as yet. My girl fell asleep during the journey. 

Here are some shots I took while she was asleep.

Kite Making workshop and Eco Wind Garden (Windmill) Workshop 

4 Floor Puzzles - teaching on how to save water
My girl finally wakes up. We brought her to the Windmill workshop and we got the below windmill done. I did all the work while she looked on.

Aren't these lovely?

Lady Bugs Lazing Around

Windmills made from plastic bottles

Having fun flying her kite with her Dad's help. She was waving her hands left and right.

She was having so much fun with the kite that we were actually forbidden to touch the kite. Once she lost her grip and her kite nearly flown into the water.

Next it's an activity specially for kids! Lolli- Drop! I read that over mini 100 parachutes with sweets will be dropped. The kids could catch the parachutes and keep the sweet attached! Sounds like fun for the kids and I wonder how they are going to drop it. 
Take a look at the following photos on this activity.
Teddy Bear brought up into the sky.
Yes , right! They actually fly a kite so as to bring the teddy bear full of lollipops into the sky. Such an innovative idea!  See the bunch of eager kids behind the teddy bear? They are waiting for instructions as to when to catch the lolli-drops!

The 1st Lolli-drop. 1st Parachute

Mini parachutes flying in to sky
This time the wind was stronger and brought the bear higher into the sky

More Lolli-drops please!

We ended our evening of fun with the Lolli-drop and headed for dinner. There's actually a Mega Kite Flying Display but we did not stay to watch. We dropped by Gardens by the Bay which was just a bus stop away.

Activities to do at Marina Barrage
- kite flying 
- picnic
- water play for children
- visit Sustainable Singapore Gallery to learn about how our Barrage works.
- drop by to our pretty garden, Gardens by the Bay

Directions to Marina Barrage
Take Bus 400 from Marina Bay MRT station.
Alight at the 5th stop. (It's one stop after Gardens by the Bay)

More information about this place can be found here

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