Monday, July 30, 2012

Play date fun at the beach - Palawan Beach

21 July 2012

We had a play date with little S to Palawan Beach at Sentosa today!

This was my girl's first time at the beach though we have been to Sentosa a couple of times for various reasons. And it was her first experience playing with sand and sea water.

I brought along the sand/ water play set we bought from the Pasar Malam spree.

We decided to take the Sentosa Express to the Sentosa as the beach is located right at the other side of the  popular island resort. We alighted at the Beach Station.

As it was around 11am by the time we reached there, we decided to eat our picnic before we get ourselves dirty with the play.
Snacking away
Mommy E brought some sausage buns while I brought some egg tarts. Our little ones have their own food.

Then, the fun begins!
I tried making a sandcastle
My girl started to play with sand while Little S went to hit the water with mommy E.
My girl enjoyed pouring sand into the watermill. She didn't even try to make sandcastle after I showed her the way to do it.

Soon, she was bored with playing with the spade and watermill. She wanted to join in the fun little S was having.
Sandy feet
 Below are pictures of her playing in the water.

She enjoyed being hit by the waves that
she refused to look  up when I asked her to.
 I could tell that she loves water play more than sand play. She squeals with delight whenever the waves hits her. She doesn't even mind getting her clothes wet or her legs sandy. That is something which I am glad of.

Activities to do at Palawan Beach
- picnic 
- swimming (swim between the red and yellow flags)
- playing with sea water/ waves
- sand playing
- water sports (canoeing and kayak-ing, no motorised watercraft allowed)
- sun tanning
- Visit Singapore's first Kids' Club at the beach! Ports of Lost Wonder
- Adventure on Segway® Eco Rides 
- birthday celebration
- Explore Southernmost point of Continental Asia

Directions to Sentosa, Palawan Beach

- Alight at Beach Station if you are taking Sentosa Express
- Take the Blue line Bus
- or take the Palawan - Tanjong Beach tram


  1. My son loves sand castle but can never make it right. So, in the end, I was the one who need to "fix" it for him. :(

  2. I can totally understand. My girl wants perfection, when she couldn't do it herself, she'll come after me.

    I'm actually a novice in making sandcastle. I learnt that damp sand can make better sandcastle!


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