Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pasar Malam :- Why I love it

Pasar Malam refers to night market in Malay. The Pasar Malam in Singapore however is quite different from those in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I would say it's not as robust, probably due to the reason that it's a lot smaller and also it is a makeshift market. They will relocate to a new venue in about a month's time. A variety of  items will be sold. Very commonly are cooked food, fruits, home accessories, cooking wares, handphone gadgets, vases, toys and clothings and accessories.

I had always like to frequent Pasar Malam for food. I used to love the food such as candy floss, popcorn, steamed corn and boiled peanuts when I was a kid. When I was a teenager, the must buy list is Taiwan sausage, Chinese Tea Leaf Egg, Fried Chicken Wings (assorted flavours), Ramli burger and boiled peanuts still. Now, I am even older, these food no longer attracts me as I find them too oily and unhealthy. I'll go for Kueh Tutu if I find one. Occasionally, Ramli burger. Recently, the Pasar Malam I saw even sold kebab and fried quail! I went for the kebab wrap as I have never eaten one. It's quite nice with mayonnaise. I didn't have the chance to try the fried quail because we were quite full after eating 3 wraps. 

Still, I like to frequent Pasar Malam as there are some cheap and interesting finds there. My shopping  spree this time.

This tree is supposed to grow ! @ $1

I choose to buy this item because I thought it would be interesting to let my girl watch it grow. 

The below 2 items are meant for crafts and sorting for my little girl. Also to fine tune her motor skills and maths skills. I have yet to start on them.
Assorted buttons at $1.20
Assorted beads @ $4

3D puzzles(14-15pc) @ $4 for 2
Above puzzle is bought because she loves the characters. If I am not wrong, they will double up as piggy banks.

And the the item I love best?

The below water or sand play set!
A fork, a spade, a watering can, watermill and 2 moulds for sand or water playing.
Water or sand play set @ $6.90


  1. Lots of goodies you've got there! My daughter and I love spending our evenings at Pasar Malam too, but we haven't managed to see many of them nowadays.

    1. I agree with you. Most of the time, I saw the Pasar Malam near Jurong East MRT station. Otherwise, around Ghim Moh market.


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