Wednesday, December 25, 2013

10 Reasons why we love visiting the libraries

1. Wide collections of books and you can borrow for free! 

You are allowed to borrowed 8 library items (including 3 audio-visual materials) with a basic membership. Of course, materials in the Reference section are not to be loaned out of the library. There are even reading corners in the library for you to browse the books. During the June and December school holidays, you may even double your loan!

2. Story telling session for kids 

These are free. Need I say more?

Note how far I sit away from the group . :P

3. Fun programmes for children and adults too!

Library can be quite a fun place for learning, both adults and kids alike. Check out their workshops and programmes. For adults, there are interesting workshop the pin hole photography , Pottery, even Beatboxing! Most sessions are free but registration is required. Otherwise, a minimal fee is applicable. You can check out on brochures in the library.

The Golden Apple

4. Movie Screening 

This is free too! How cool is that?

5. Surprises in Mystery Brown Bags

Clementi Public library is the first public library to offer this service. This is specially catered for working adults who wanted to read some books but have no time to browse in the library. You never know what you gonna get until you check the item out of the borrowing counter... heh... And a recent surprise I have got comes in the form of Christmas pressie in Bukit Merah Public Library. Cool!
I am going opening it soon!

6. Storytelling Kiosks 

These Kiosks are interactive. The children could choose to watch a animated story or to play with the interactive games.Currently, I know they are available at Clementi Public Library and Central Public library. Moms can rest for a while the little one interact with the kiosks.

7. Exhibits

The libraries we visited so far all have a mini exhibition area whereby they showcase art and crafts, heritage, etc.
Occasionally, they would showcase exhibitions as well. The Singapore Biennale 2013 chose The National Library Building for exhibition some of the artwork. Check them out! 

Cool display at the Book Display Area

8. Do research

Where is the best place to go for research besides the internet? The library, of course!

9. Anniversary Celebration 

It's a party complete with activities and workshops! We have yet to attend any but this sounds interesting! Check out the library brochure as well. 

10. Libraries with a Theme 

Green Learning @ My Tree House, first Green library for kids
Performing Arts @ The Esplanade Library
Chinese Arts & Culture @ the Chinatown library
Lifestyle, Applied Arts & Design theme @ the Orchard Library

Have I got you interested in visiting a library? If so, come library hop with me.
I would be introducing at least 1 library per month and also introducing recommended books which we think your children would enjoy! Stay Tune!

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