Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You have grown another year older

Dearest Little One,

Another year had gone by. You have grown another year older. You are growing taller and taller. Your little hands are getting less and less babyish. Your face is still quite chubby although less chubby than when you were younger. I really like the way you are now. 

You are getting more and more active. You love climbing the gates of the door, the way I used to do as a child with Ah Yi. You are progressing with your little swim, better than Mommy, I would say because Mommy does not know how to swim with the float on.

You are slowly gaining your independence. You are finally sleeping alone without Mommy by your side. You are also purchasing your first food by yourself which made us very proud. You are willing to help out in the kitchen to my great gratification. You have a passion for cooking and I hope I would not dampen your spirit for it because you make a mess out of the kitchen.

Last of all, Happy Birthday! Live well, stay safe, happy and healthy always!


This is the last post of the year. Sweet Day and family , hereby, wishes all readers a Happy and a Joyous New Year 2015!


  1. How true!
    Have a wonderful 2015, and be sure to share often at in the year to come!


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