Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Hair Clips

3 weeks ago, Little One and I made these hair clips. This was part of the hair accessory package which I bought a year ago. 

Materials required:

  • Plain prong hair clips
  • Ribbon (enough to cover both the inner part and outer part of metal hair clips) 
  • desired appliqué (the package we bought comes with 2 flower appliqué and 2 fabric shankless button.)
  • UHU glue.
Pardon the little hand and the  ribbon. Little One loves to photobomb.


1. Secure the button on the plain flower appliqué using UHU glue.  Note this button is a shankless button so that it can be pasted on. If your button has metal shank, you can remove with a cutter or a pair of pliers. If you are not sticking buttons on appliqué, you may omit this step.

2. Glue the ribbon from inside the clip covering the outer part and then back in again. See below 2 photos for illustrations. I did 2 different type of lining. It would be easy to glue the ribbon than on the hairclip.

Secured button and gluing of  ribbon to hair clips
2 types of lining (I notice store bought hair clips are lined as per the one on the left, I did the one of the right because the ribbon that was provided was not long enough to line the inside of the clip) 
3. Attaching the appliqués onto the lined hair clips.
Ready for attachment!

Attaching the glue onto the ribbon. Unintentionally, Little One is telling you the glue cost S$1.30 .

Little One decided where exactly to paste the appliqué.

Done. Personally designed by Little One. 
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