Sunday, December 7, 2014

School holiday Week #3

This week we were staying home most of the time this week. Little One would playing by herself or playing with me.

Home Activity 

#1 Making Hair Clips

We were making this together. This hair clip is part of the craft set that I bought. We made hair band a fortnight ago.

#2 Flipping through Memories

We were flipping through photos of my wedding photos. She was curious to know where some of these photos were taken. Probably, we need to revisit these places together. I just realised although I took lots of photos of Little One, I did not have an album for her. I had kept them in DVDs. Maybe I should start a scrapbook but printing photos is a bit expensive (45 cents per piece), isn't it?
Little One is flipping through photos of my wedding dinner

#3 Harder Task

Task her to peel carrots with a peeler. She needs lots of help with this.

Other activities

Visited Gardens by the Bay

I target to bring her to the park at least once a fortnight. Water play is the highlight. Which kid doesn't like water play?

Ride a sampan

Roll, roll, roll your boat, gently down the stream...
She was allowed to row herself!

Visited Raffles Place

We made a short visit on Saturday before my hubby comes back from work.
Love these colourful lights. 

We are reading...

We were borrowing lots more books from the library as there is a double loan promotion from 15 Nov 2014 - 31 Jan 2015.

Meet Me at the Art  Museum by Goldin, David

We have yet to visit any museums this holiday. This book is an interesting read! Are you familiar with the terms curator, docent and conservator? Do you know who works in the museum and what do they do? What goes on behind the scene before an artwork is displayed in the museum?  If you don't, it is good to read it. If you think this is probably a boring story, oh no, you are wrong. Look at the illustration on this cover, aren't the name tag and ticket stub cute? The name tag (the docent's helper)  would be showing the ticket, named Stub, around the museum and uncovers the secrets of museum. Your child is likely to be entertained by the story.

David Goldin uses a combination of actual artworks by famous artists, artefacts, and digital art to tell Stub's story.

There is even a glossary at the back of the book to describe in details the jobs of the people in the museum.

Miss Brick, the Builders' Baby by Allan Ahlberg

This book is part of the reader series , Happy Families. It is inspired by the traditional card game Happy Families. This is one of the old school readers. Notice that new readers would have grade the readers according to level. (Look at below 2 sets of readers)

Little One loves the storyline and the illustrations. She requested readings several times. Sometimes, she would just pick the book up ,flip and laugh through the illustrations.

I would be continue to get books from this series.

Tips for nurturing good readers

  • Get books that has a topic that your child is familiar with.

Introducing Reader Series #1: -World of Reading Series 

If your child shows lack of interest in books and yet familiar with "Sofia the First" and "Jake and the Never Land Pirates"? What about Disney Junior? If your kids are familiar with these characters, good chances is that they would read these books or ask you to read with them. 

This series has a couple of keywords which are printed with pictures. The keywords are printed in smaller fonts than the rest of the fonts. I am not sure whether this is a good way of making children recognising words but I do know that Little One do recognise the pictures. Eg when she see a picture of a castle , she said both "castle" and "palace" after reading one of Sofia's story.

Introducing Readers #2: -Timmy and Tammy

Books that are of places that the child is familiar with is a good choice as a reader too. This Timmy and Tammy series explores local places that a child is familiar with.

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