Thursday, December 25, 2014

School holiday Week #6

Week 6 is a whirlwind!

We attending a wedding and met Santa. Ohhh!!! He's asleep!

I have to take over most of housework since hubby would be pretty busy this week. Hence, it is pretty difficult to conduct art or craft lessons. Having able to go to playground for a bubble time is pretty rare.

The only kitchen time this week was making dumplings (tang yuan) for Winter solstice. She made the white ones while I made the sour pink purplish ones. The colour comes from raspberries.

Yet, I find time doing these.
We did a silk screen painting at the library and did some window shopping at a mall before rushing back to prepare dinner.

I had time for a gathering with friends that I known for at least 15 years on Christmas eve. It was a wonderful time catching up with everyone!

Christmas presents were wrapped by this time. I hope to see their face when the kids open them.
With all buzz going around, we hardly had time for new book but I can't wait to read the new magazine I borrowed for Little One. 

Merry Christmas to all!

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