Tuesday, December 16, 2014

School holiday Week #4

Whist most of our relatives were getting out of town touring outside Singapore, we were touring in our own country most of the time and things got a little crazy. Little One had hit several milestones this week, including buying food all by herself. I hope to blog on this soon.

Home Activity 

#1 Food preparation

Little One is cutting up Tofu this week. This was her first. She would need more practices.

#2 Painting

Little One was doing veggie painting as well as painting portraits. We only have Crayola Finger paint (Bold colours) and some leftover acrylic paint. I teach her how to draw a portrait. Little One still have loads to learn! She usually like to draw smaller portraits and this is her first attempt on A3 size. We only have 1 brush size. The outline is done with marker instead.

#3 Box Doll

We got these cardboard dolls from the " A Soldier in Every Family" exhibition and were making them together. This activity strengthen her motor skills. What a lovely bonding time!

Other activities

Visited Telok Blangah Hill 

This is our first visit. We walked through the elevated Forest Walk and ended at Sembcorp Forest of Giants. We were a little disappointed all we spot is one bird (ok I spotted two), a squirrel, some butterflies and a few big ants. We were expecting more! Probably the weather was too hot for animals to roam around? We were disappointed that there is no playground here too.
Forget to mention there's fishes in this pond

Visited Punggol Park

This is our first visit too! This place is nice as a neighbourhood park. It is not very big but serene. There is a wood ball course. There is playground here and best of all, retro swings!

Visited National Musuem of Singapore

We have not been to the museum since the beginning of holidays, until we visited our ex-colleagues this week. We dropped by the National Museum of Singapore and this is what we spotted in the exhibition "Singapura: 700 years". This merry-go-round is her favorite exhibit while I immerse in the nostalgic surroundings.

Visited Armenian Church

This is the second time we entered this church. We noticed this brown structure here. I was sure this was not there the last time we visited in May 2014. Wonder what does it represent.

Visited Army Exhibition

We visited the Army Exhibition since we were in Westgate for dinner.

Watched circus performance in Westgate and Lot 1

The performance is on going at Westgate. (Left)Visit the facebook page for more information.
The one at Lot 1 is already over. (Right)

Christmas Lighting at Orchard
We also at Orchard Road to immerse in the festive atmosphere.

Making Beaded Keychain

Little One made beaded keychain at a library workshop.

Painting at HeART Studio

We won a painting class pass at HeART Studio from Simply Mommie. This is done in the class on canvas. Love the fluffy effect!


Which kid does not like playground? She had been enjoying herself in these playgrounds.
Punggol Park Playground
Surin Neighbourhood Park

We are reading...

We were out most of the time this week and hence little time for reading.

Babybug Magazine

This magazine is the first magazine I have introduced to Little One. It is easy to read. Little One is able to read most of the words. She loves the stories and would flip through the magazine all by herself.

Tip for nurturing good readers

Encourage reading all by oneself. Choose easy to read books. As a rule of the thumb, choose book that contains not more than 5 new words per page.

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