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DIY your own hair band, Decorating a hair band

I bought this craft kit last year. It consist of a hair band set, a pair of hair tie set , a pair of hair clip set and a pair of ready made simple clips. It cost me $16. Finally, we find time and decided to make them together. We started with the hair band. This is the final outcome. Little One helped mainly with the pasting of button and the flower appliqué. She also decides on the positioning of the appliqué on the hair band. 

Materials required:

  • Ribbon (Depending, for more info point 2 see below)
  • Plain hair band
  • Double sided tape (the kit I bought comes with secured double side tape at the top as well as around the 2 ends)
  • desired appliqué (the package we bought comes with 3 flower appliqué and a fabric button.)
  • UHU glue.

The craft kit we bought. A set of instructions were given to help us make the hair accessories.


1. Secure the button on the plain flower appliqué using UHU glue.  Note this button is a shankless button so that it can be pasted on. If your button has metal shank, you can remove with a cutter or a pair of pliers. If you are not sticking buttons on appliqué, you may omit this step.

Little One sticking the button on the appliqué.

2. Prepare your ribbon. Depending on the design you are making with the ribbon on the hair band. You can wrap around like I did as per below. This would use about 2.5x the length of the hair band. To be exact, measure by wrapping around the band with no gaps in between and leaving enough ribbons for securing later.
If you do not want to wrap, you only need ribbon slightly longer than the hair band. In that case, it is best to use a ribbon that is about the same width as your band.

For both cases, it is recommended to leave enough ribbons for securing later.
Step 3 to 5

3. Stick the double sided tape starting from one of the inner end of the band to the outer side  then to the other end, complete by sticking all the way to the inner side of other side.

4. Slowly peel of the paper of the double sided tape and stick your ribbon on starting from the inside of the band. I find it easier to stick the ribbon on by peeling the paper off bit by bit.
If you are doing twirls, then wrap the ribbon round the band and make sure there is no gap in between. Using double side tape, it would be easier to correct your errors. Remember to leave enough ribbons at both ends.

5. Glue sealed the both ends of the ribbons. Notice I did different ways in my photo above. I was testing whether fraying would occur. On the left, I simply glued the ribbon on. On the right, I glued and folded the ribbon once  before gluing on the band. My test result is the ribbon did not fray when I folded but the one which I did not fold had slight fraying after wearing a couple of times.

6. Glue on your desired appliqué. Little One helped with this and it did get a little messy.
7. Leave overnight before wearing.

Ta-dah! Final look!
For alternate hair band ideas, visit A Happy Mum. She did with brads!

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  1. Awwww how lovely! Love the use of buttons on the flowers! =) I love hairbands which are handmade with love, they just feel so special! =) Thanks for sharing, tagging and linking up! =)


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