Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kampong Lorong Buangkok revisited- a different feel

Little One had not been to a Kampung except that in Palau Ubin. She did not know that on Singapore mainland, there is still an existing kampung. This is my second trip but her first.

It was not exactly a good day to hang out at the kampung since the weather forecast said it may rain in the afternoon. We went ahead nevertheless since we would be travelling to Seng Kang and had some time to spare prior to the appointment.

We have to cross the bridge to the kampung

This is the first time we see a bicycle stairway

Thus stretch of canal is part of Punggol Park Connector. Little One wanted to take photo with Xinya 
Maybe because it was a weekday and I was bringing Little One along, or maybe it was the weather, the place looked different. There were more vehicles in the kampung, but not much people were in sight. We only saw 2 person. We did not see any animals except the one below but we did hear a rooster crow and some cats meowing from one of the houses. Luckily, we did not see any dogs. I still remember the one who tried to scare my sister and I during my previous visit by barking loudly then. 
Fungus beetle spotted on some logs left exposed under the sun.

Spot the difference between the below 2 photos?


The below 2 pictures looked like the same house but I cannot be sure because there are several houses which looked almost the same. It has the same windows and door, even the part above the door is the same. Missing is the antennae. The fence looked different too.

A lot of different fences- abandoned


I am not sure but this place seemed to be fenced up more than the past

Didn't notice these coloured poles during my first visit

Birds on electric cables definitely a rare sight in Singapore
I think this is probably Little One's first walk on a muddy road, something which was rather common in the kampung in the past
Look at the below 2 pictures and spot the difference again.

By bringing Little One to the kampung, I hope to let her know that people in the past are living in conditions such as here. I hope she would know it is not easy life then. Of course, with just looking at buildings such as these would not instill much into the child. Needless to say, she is not fond of the place. Suddenly, I wish if only Little One has the opportunity to live in such places , probably she would learn to love the beauty of it.

If you are wondering how to get to the kampung. Here's the direction. You can seek street directory for help.

Direction: Travel to Seng Kang and switched to LRT to Layar station. When you are at the station exit, walk towards the right side of the station to the bus stop. Then board the bus 50 and drop near Vincent De Paul Church.

Tips :
1) Get ready insect repellent.
2) Wear comfortably
3) Do not take photos of the people. Respect their privacy.

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