Tuesday, December 2, 2014

School holiday Week #2

This week was considered less eventful than the last, mainly because we had a bad week. Little One was disobedient, and hence she was grounded. So we have been cleaning up and tidying our home instead.

Home Activity 

#1 Structured play :-Leaf Painting

I passed Little One some leaves and paint and told her to use them to create a scenery using leaf painting. This is what she created. Trees, birds, water, fishes and lily pads. It looked very abstract. Hubby said it looked like 2 turtles coming of the water.

#2 Food preparation

Little One is helping out to prepare lunch. I would likely to give her more tasks.

Other activities

Clay Cake 

We make some clay cakes in the library. Looks real, doesn't it? It was weird and fun carrying the cakes home. There were people who thought these were real.


We went for a swim.

Collected registered mail

It is not often we get to collect registered mail since I am a stay at home mom.

Visited Star Vista

We went Star Vista for dinner. It is one of the favorite mall I like to visit during festive season because of the pretty decorations. There is even a free train ride if you spend $60. 

The train ride is at B1 where the water play area is located.

Someone gave us this ticket! Thank you very much again!

We are reading...

Llama Llama Red Pyjama by  Anna Dewdney

Little One loves this book! Its cute illustrations are an attraction to her. Not just that, the book is tells what happens when Mama leaves a child  to sleep  while she do her chores. It is close to the heart that Little One can relate to. She loves it even more because it was written in rhymes.

 / 奥菲莉·泰克斯尔绘著 ; 刘亚玲译.

The story revolves about the relationship between a child and his nanny. Little One does not have one but I told her a nanny is almost similar to the teachers at childcare centre as both has the responsibilty to take care of the young while parents are away. She is exposed to the new word Nanny and what she does in her job.

 = Little pony's secret / 凯斯·史密斯著 ; 苏菲·格罗夫斯绘 ; 王楠译.

A Merry Go Round is every kid's favorite kind of entertainment. In this story, the little pony of the merry -go -round has a secret. Want to know what is it? Read about it. Little One loves it because of the pony. I love it because it teaches children about responsibility.

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