Wednesday, December 31, 2014

School holiday Week #7

It's the last week of holiday! Woohoo!!! With this post, I shall end my 7 weeks of blogging of what we do during the wet holiday of Singapore.

Getting ready

This week, I am busy getting Little One ready to start school.

Below is the check list:
  1. Cutting her hair
  2. Getting the stationery ready.
  3. Getting the bag washed and dried.
  4. Getting her uniform done
  5. Making her sleep early. 
  6. Getting a new bottle
  7. Getting new shoes.
Today is the last day of 2014 and yet I have not complete item 7 and 5. Sigh... Getting Little One to sleep earlier had been a problem. My mom said that I used to sleep as early as 8pm when I was Little One's age. *uumppphhh* Couldn't believe my ears. Little One is interested to watch "The Journey: Tumultuous Times" (a drama feature Singapore's 20 years of nation building during tumultuous times) This show is on air at 9pm and ends at 10pm each weekday's night. Getting her to sleep earlier seemed impossible for now. I do not want to stop her from watching as I would like her to understand some of Singapore's history.


Our week started with feasting during Christmas at Brother-in-law's flat. It is nice to gather with family. Both sides of my brother-in-law's family came together for a wonderful gathering. The kids were running wild while the adults had a good time getting together. The girls loved Frozen so much that they started to sing "Let it Go" for the adults to hear while the boys were having gun fights.

We had a gathering with a long lost neighbour W and her child. It has been a year since we last met. We hope to meet up more often. 

We attended another wedding and had took lots of instant photocards. Too bad we forgot to download the actual photos from the the photographer's site but we were glad to have the photocards for safekeeping.

We went for a swim together with Little One's  cousins. They had a fun time swimming and playing together. Even hubby had a chance to swim some laps. Usually, he does not get the chance when he is teaching Little One to swim.

More Fun

We took advantage of the discount given by Underwater World and paid $7.50 each to visit. All you need is to flash this advertisement and your local ID. Promotion period is 08 Nov 14 - 01 Jan 15. Little One is once again fascinated by the performance of the sea lions and the dolphins. She also likes the indoor experience. She loves to watch the sea angels and the jelly fishes bobbing around in the water. She loves to watch the fishes from the tank but yet not fascinated by the tunnel. She wanted to touch the sea stars but yet afraid to do so.

We are reading...

Timmy Discovers The Truth About Cavities (Volume 10 of Healthy Smile Series)

By Dr Lim Swee Teck

This book is good for children to learn about what caused cavities. However, I find it not simple enough for pre-schoolers to understand. Hence, I have to summarise in my own words to make Little One understand the truth. It is complicated because Little One always thought that germs are bad and she is not aware that there are good germs that protect us from the bad ones. This theory, I have a hard time conveying the message to her. I would recommend this book for upper primary children . However, lower primary children could start to learn the different parts of the tooth and learn good habits to protect your teeth from cavities.

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