Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Princess and the PEE!

Have you tried waking in the morning and find the bed wet? I do not know how you would feel but it is extremely stressful and annoying to me. That is especially when I have to rush for time to send the child to school and  get to work on time.

My Little princess wet the bed almost every day when we were trying to get her to be diaper free for the night  last year. She had been wearing XL pants diaper and complained that it was tight. We could have got her the XXL pants but these were really rare in our neighbourhood.

Hence, we decided to let her go totally diaper free last year since she does not wet her diaper much then. However, bed wetting became an on and off going thing, it was especially irritating with I have to deal with the mess after hubby had left for work. I was a FTWM then. I had to wake up at 6.30am and to get ready in 30 minutes, including waking Little One and getting her dressed. When Little One wet the bed, I ran short of time and it totally irritates me. I knew I should be calm and not to yell at Little One but I admit I had a hard time controlling my own stress level because I would end up late for work. This was one of many reasons why I quit my job. I was working as a receptionist cum administrative post then and was expected to start work at 8.30am

So when Little One is finally completely diaper free in this development post in October, I was pretty over the moon. Soon after I posted that, she wet her bed again and every day after that, I wondered whether it was to early for me to deduce that she do not bed wet any more. I have tried limiting water intake before bedtime and wake her up in the middle of the night to pee, extending the hour each night but it doesn't help much.

After sourcing around in the library for remedy to succumb bed-wetting, I found this book. Treatment Alternatives for Children by Dr, Lawrence Rosen and Jeff Cohen. The book suggest alternative remedy besides using conventional remedies. It had suggested the above remedies which I had tried but failed. The rest of the remedies such as hypnosis and pad with built-in sensor alarm, I had check with my hubby, he felt pointless to invest since children will outgrow this bed-wetting eventually.

It is mentioned in the book that if a child is under emotional or physical stress, environmental changes, bladder infection and even hereditary, there is a possibility the child would wet the bed. It also mention that if a child is ill, temporary bed wetting may occur. Then I realised it could be conjunctivitis that caused her to wet the bed in October. I also recall a couple of time she wet her bed, it coincides with a fever. I also realised if she is too tired, she may wet the bed too.

It is important to note children under the at this stage are still learning to control their bladder, they would not be able to fully control their bladders overnight.  It is frustrating to wash bed sheets every day but it can't be help.  At least, now I know some of the reasons why she may wet the bed. If possible, I would avoid over tiring her. At least, this I could control.  I have also learnt through this experience not to scream at her when she wet her bed. She was so scared once she told me that she did not want to sleep because she was so afraid to pee in bed. I felt pretty guilty hearing that. Then it dawn on me, I had to do some soul searching how to control my temper better.

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