Friday, December 12, 2014

Our simple Weekday Dinner

Usually, my hubby is the one who is cooking dinner. This week I cooked as hubby is on course and would be return late most of the time. If you notice, we have 3 photos instead of 5. That is because we dine out twice as Little One is happened to attend 2 special workshops in the evening this week.

We would usually have a stir fry dish and soup for dinner. Little One would get extra egg. Our dinner is usually as simple as that. Note we do not use any MSG or chicken soup block for any of the dishes.
Pumpkin soup with celery, tomatoes, onion, garlic and minced meat.
Stir-fried Shanghai Green and Xiao Bai Cai with tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms (by Hubby)
Little One had an extra fried egg (by Hubby)

Arrowroot and corn soup with minced meat, red dates, garlic and wolfberries
Stirred Fried Xiao Bai Cai and CaiXin with minced meat and garlic

ABC Soup: Corn, Potato, Carrot and Onion Soup with wolfberries, celery, red dates and a preserved date
Stir fried celery with tofu, carrots and french beans and garlic
An extra hard boiled egg for Little One

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