Monday, December 16, 2013

12 days of Christmas - The Forum Shopping Mall

Christmas is around the corner, I am sure most people will be going round shopping malls to get Christmas presents. Probably, you would see some live shows performance going on. I went to a couple of shows on purpose actually. I chose those my little one would enjoy.

Among all the shopping malls show I've picked, I enjoyed this most. Probably due to the reason I love that carol and Ballet is featured in this delightful musical including Christmas Carols such as "The little drummer boy", "All I want for Christmas is You" and of course, "The 12 days of Christmas". This performance does brings in the spirit of  Christmas especially when the song "When you wish upon a star" (Not a Christmas song I know but it fits so perfectly in the show) and "The 12 days of Christmas" were played.

The Musical starts off with 2 Elves playing with bubbles. Little One's attention was caught immediately.

Bubbles when the princess come in.

The show proceed by introducing the 12 items one by one. Not exactly, but almost. Partridge comes in together with doves as per below picture.
Elves with Partridge and 2 doves

Rudolph appears as well!

The lovely Ballerina Swan

The little drummer girl
The princess and her prince.
This performance will be up till 17 Dec at the following timing 12.30pm and 4 pm on weekdays at the Forum Shopping Mall. Last 2 days from now.

Photo taking session is available after the shows.

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