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Library Hop #1 - Let's Hop to Bukit Merah Public Library

Mentioned earlier in my post 10 reasons we love visiting the library, today (last day of the year) I am going to blog about Bukit Merah Public Library and its recommended reads.

This medium size library (4,149 square metre) is located at 3779 Jalan Bukit Merah. It is a 3 storey stand alone library. It was the fourth full-time Branch Library built by the National Library in its decentralised plan to bring library services nearer to people's homes. It was opened on 28th December 1982. Then it was closed for 8 months from 28th June 2004 for major upgrading. Finally, reopened on 25 February 2005. 

The ground level contains Children's Collection, magazines, newspapers, Audio Visual materials, multimedia services, borrowing stations and an exhibition area. The second storey features the unique Comics Corner, a Quiet Reading Room , Adult and Young people Section, Reference Collection. On the uppermost level are the Radin Mas Lecture Hall and Swordfish Meeting Room, which are available for rental. (Note these 2 names are some what related to Bukit Merah)
Exhibition area
Christmassy ambience at the Recommended Reads Area 
As one of the first public libraries to offer audio-visual loan services with video and CD-ROM lending, the library has over 14,000 materials for the public. 

It is also one of the 2 libraries who currently loan iPads tablets for free to members of the library. The iPads are to provide users with access to the National Library Board's (NLB's) eResources on eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, language resources, a music library and much more. Loaning the iPads comes with a compulsory 1 hour workshop to learn using the device. Registration is required before loaning. You can email to helpdesk@library.nlb.gov.sg or call their hotline at 6332 3255 for more details regarding the loan.  Of course, if you have your own smart phone, you can access the same resources as well.

I remember sourcing for references at this particular library during my schools days. (Those were the pre- renovation days) There were plenty of references in the Reference Collection (located at Level 3 then). I love studying and researching at the same time. Then, library was a very quiet place. I don't remember seeing any toddler books, not to mention baby books around. It is very much different, children are encouraged to go to the library. Of course, being toddler friendlier environment, you do not expect the library to be in absolute silent but to be considerate to others, parents or caregivers are to supervise their kids and keep volume as low as possible.

Since it is Christmas season, we would be introducing books about Christmas. 

1. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer adapted by Rick Bunsen

Synopsis: Rudolph the reindeer ran off to the Island of Misfit Toys because he was being outcast. However, one foggy Christmas Eve, Rudolph was asked to guide the sleigh by Santa Claus himself.

Reason I pick the book: The story is closed to the Christmas Carol itself. I took the opportunity to introduce her the song. Although the story featured bullying but this issue is probably one of the common issue faced by children nowadays. What we could do as a parent is to guide and teach the little one that bullying is wrong and advise what could be done to get out of the situation.

2. Santa Duck and his Merry Helpers by David Milgrim
Synopsis: Santa Duck is off to his mission to collect wish list. Suddenly, his younger siblings wanted to come along to help him. Can he and his siblings do a good job for Santa?

Reason I pick the book: Ho Ho Ho! It was the Christmas pressie I got when I visited the library. The true meaning of Christmas :- It is about Love, Goodwill, Kindness and Giving! Be nice to your family even when you think they are not up to the mark.

3. Dinosaur Christmas by Jerry Pallotta
Synopsis: Wonder who pulled Santa's sleigh before he had reindeer?

Reason Ah girl pick the book: It's very funny!

If you love dinosaurs, you probably like the book too!
credit to Goodreads


3779 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 159462

24hr bookdrop

How to get there
Nearest MRT: Redhill
Bus Interchange: Bukit Merah
Buses: 5, 16, 57, 123, 131, 131A, 132, 139, 153, 167, 176, 198, 272, 273, 851

If you have any library to introduce or have any good reads to recommend, kindly join me in the library Hop..
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