Sunday, December 22, 2013

Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition

I have been pondering how I should pen my thoughts. We have been to the exhibition during the National Day. It was a free admission courtesy of Marina Bay Sands to celebrate Singapore's 48th birthday. I am a green horn when it comes to designing physical stuff. This exhibition, I hope, would open my eyes to the world of designing. I embraced the free admission whole heartedly as I could bring little one to the exhibits without worrying too much whether it would be a waste of money if she finds the material too dry. 

If you think the exhibition is only about chairs and furnitures designed by the famous couple, Charles and Ray Eames, you are wrong! It also include original paintings by Ray Eames, photography, films, toy making, a special chair designed for Pope John Paul II, Eames house (Their very own architecture design) and interactive objects from the Eames Mathematica exhibition explaining complex Maths concept in simpler form. (Wish I have more time to read through but little one was running everywhere.) 

And was the kid bored? I think you know by now , she wasn't. She was running everywhere! This is because the exhibition was so colourful and interactive.

Below are pictures of what she did in the exhibition.
Playing with the button to on and off the lights at Iconic Iron Mesh Chairs display. 

Iconic Wire Mesh Chairs are light weighted and yet stable.
Running in and out of the House of Cards. I was afraid she would destroy the whole thing!
House of Cards, construction toy invented by the Eames
You can also get your hands on the Cards and create your own building.

Going around on Material Trail to collect rubbings from 6 materials provided in the exhibition

Playing with Eames Alphabet blocks which could also create a miniature replica of the Eames House
Sitting around. 

Looking at Moebius Band. We were asked to pressed repeatedly because she wanted to see from a certain angle .
Back to the exhibition, below quote is wonderful! As a designer, one should anticipate the needs of the end users.

Some of the items which the Eames collected to draw inspiration from.
Lota used in India to carry water, is one of the items which the Eames draw inspiration from. You can touch and feel these Lotas on display
Eames Storage Unit, designed 1949-50, manufactured 1950-52, consist of steel, laminated plywood, wood, plywood, fiberglass, lacquered Masonite, and rubber.

Dismantled parts of the Eames Lounge Chair
Miniature of the Eames House (Case Study House No 8) They were asked to design and build inexpensive and efficient model homes
There were also 100 photos from the Eames family collection showcasting their life, works and travel.
Short films that were taken by them were also exhibited. The most well known film would be "Powers of Ten"
Lazing around at the end of the exhibition
You can have your turn to sit on their lounge chairs which are so comfortable.

There is also an Essential Play section whereby you are invited to create your own furniture. We are too embarrass to publicise our craft as they did not work out well. 

Inspired? I did by the below quote.
"Genius? Nothing - we just worked harder " - Charles Eames
 The couple I must say are multi-talented. Although they claimed they were not and that they were more hardworking than others. I should try harder and work harder in our daily life, especially educating the young ones.

Catch  Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition before it ends. It is on at the ArtScience Museum till 5 January 2014

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