Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Sea Otter by Betty Tatham

Credit Goodreads

How does baby sea otter grows up? Come join us in the life of a particular life of a baby sea otter. This storybook is fascinating because it describes a lot of facts about a sea otter: - from a newborn pup  all the way to motherhood.
Little one enjoys me reading it to her. She loves especially the way the pup is lifted onto the mother's chest to nurse and to be groomed and the way air bubbles being blown into fur to keep warm. She would asked me to do the same thing to her whenever I read this book to her. It probably reminds her when she was a baby.
The book also illustrate how the sea otters hunt for food and some of the threats they face. Read this wonderful book to find out more about this creature. I think they are pretty clever!

This book has inspired to find more about sea otters. I have sourced around for real pictures and videos of sea otters! They are so adorable! 
Aww... Mother and pup. Source :Wikipedia

Sea Otter is an endangered species. They were being hunted down by human for their fur. I do hope they would be still surviving many generations later.

PS: This book is available at the Singapore library. We chanced upon it and decided to borrowed to read. 

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