Sunday, January 5, 2014

Craftwork- No Mess Foil Art Sticker

I am sure most people are familiar with sand art. What about using transfer foil? Both applies similar techniques - transferring material (the former using sand, the latter using transfer foil) to the adhesive paper. I prefer the latter as it is less messy than sand. I could even put it up immediately after the craft session.

Transfer Foil Craft set

I love the vibrant shiny colours!
Ah girl will be demonstrating how to do it.

Step 1:- Peel the yellow area of the adhesive paper. Select only the part which you want to transfer to. 

Step 2:- Cover the area with transfer foil. Ah girl selects her own colour.
Placing down carefully

Step 3:- Rub over the Transfer foil with your thumb. 

You can see the imprint after rubbing under the light
Step 4:- Use the satay stick to define the boundary of the area.

A very clear imprint
Step 5:- Peel the transfer foil away. 

Step 6 :- Repeat all the above steps until the picture is finally done.

I have allow Ah Girl to decide which holographic foil to use for the various part of the peacock. Let the creative flows.

Ta dah! All done! Isn't it pretty?

Report Card:-

Suitable Age Group:- 4 and above.
Difficulty level: 1/5 (Level 1 being no or little help is required, Level 5 being very difficult)
Safety level : 4/5 (Level 1 being very unsafe, Level 5 being very safe, Supervision is required for this craft due to sharp equipment.  )
Messiness: 0/5
Fun Level : 4/5

Her verdict?

I wanna show Papa!

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