Monday, October 6, 2014

Little development (Jul to Sep)

This quarter is not a good quarter for us. Little One and I had been sick every month. Probably it is due to the weather. It was rather hot these few months and it has been hazy occasionally. We didn't have plenty to highlight this quarter.

1. Exposure to Arts
She did more crafts in the library, exposed to new medium such as Chinese ink finger painting and glass painting, even acrylic painting. Also, she attended her first ballet at the library too!
Acrylic painting by the 2 of us

Chinese painting by both of us. Which are  done by me and which are by her? Clue: I think pretty easy enough. I only did 2 and a half paintings
Chinese finger painting
Glass Painting ( I only help with the outline
with rather shaking hands) 

2. Gearing up on her multiplication skills
She has started on her 2 , 5 and 10 times table. This I think would be useful for telling time and counting money!

 Growth rate
Her growth rate indeed slowed down! I had switched back to formula and still it had not boost her height. Nevertheless, I shall give full cream milk and occasionally, formula milk if I could afford the money.

4. Went exploration in various new places
We went to Fort Canning, Victoria Memorial Hall, Art House, Balestier, Pulau Ubin and Kusu Island.
Kusu Island
Pulau Ubin

5. Finally no bed wetting!
After her high fever in July, she wet the bed almost half the time, it was almost as if she totally lost control of her bladder. Fortunately, the frequency of bed wetting came to a stop towards end August! I am glad and proud to say she had not been wetting the bed since then!

6. Good things aside. She is getting argumentative!
It is normal children at her age to behave that way. Hence, we have set a couple of house rules to cope with it. However, some times, she argues for the sack of arguing especially when she is tired.
That is a very tiring process for me. So sometimes, I just ignore her. 

If you have similar issues as I do, how do you cope with your argumentative kids?


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