Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nostalgia and Retro- The Roof Top (Yik Gai Fong) 益街坊

These things are so nostalgic. I am not doing an advertisement for The Roof Top but these items simply remind me of the past.
The old phone that we used for our land line. To dial to someone, you have to put your finger on the hole featuring the first number of the telephone number (eg.4) and move it clockwise, release, and wait for it to return to the starting point before dialing the next number. 

Old fashion radio (left) and thermo flask (behind the phone)

Who had used this type of TV? When the TV is not in use, you can close the door of the cupboard. I used to grow up in a flat with tiles similar to this.

MaMa Tibit Cart which looked rather modern to me with old school favorite tidbits

Fidgeting with the telephone

Nice mirror, very Peranakan feel.


Hopscotch! Little One has yet learn to play! Would you teach your children how to play hopscotch?
PS: These series of photo was taken when Yik Gai Fong first open in Dec 2013 in City Square Mall.

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