Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The start of holidays

14th of November was the start of school holidays this year. I did not plan much during this time of the year because it is the monsoon season. It was suppose to get worse in December. Oh well, I should plan more rainy days activities but I do not want to fix particular days for any activities so that we could just run and enjoy the sun when it is out. It would be roughly a park visit at least once a week. Probably running to the malls during weekends to hunt for Christmas gifts. While she is at home, there would be some crafts for her to do as well as her usual homework. There would be library visits as well. If we were to visit  any other places, it would be an impromptu decision. 

Home Activity 

#1 Egg hatching

We got this as a gift from my sister in law and since the egg takes 24-48 hours to hatch. Little One was very excited about it especially when the egg was starting to crack.

#2 Painting with Leaves, Paper Towel Roll and leftover veggies

We did some study on leaves Little One collected. We did leaf rubbing and paintings using them. Below is a painting using leaves, paper towel roll and leftover veggies.

# 3 Making a headband

I have bought this pack from Eat, Play, Love Cafe last year. We have not found time to do until now.

Other activities

Visited Singapore Art Book Fair

This was an impromptu decision to visit the site. Great art and books were found. We also found old school sweets.

Visit Pasir Panjang Nursery and Hort Park

We were lucky to be able to go to this guided tour in Pasir Panjang Nursery. This site is not opened to public for 20 years until 15th Nov to coincide with Clean and Green Singapore.
Pasir Panjang Nursery

The nursery is very near Hort Park, we paid a visit after the tour. Little One collected leaves, flowers and fruits along the way. Somehow these could not keep long in our weather. Within three days, it starts to smell and we found a worm. Eewww!!

Visit Westgate, - Portraits of the people for SG50

When we were at Westgate, Little One drew her own portrait for the art connector.

Visited revamped library: Sembawang library

We were here to attend a library programme. I love the library's new look. However, I will not recommend to bring young children here because I realised the smell of paints and varnish is rather strong. The whole shopping centre is under going renovation.
Source : NLB

Visit Jacob Ballas Children Garden

It had been some time since we last visited Jacob Ballas Garden. We decided to visit when the sun finally came out shining brightly. This was Little One's first time playing the Tree House. However, she ended up having her belly scratched probably due to the reason that she had been sliding down on her belly. We collected some dead leaves too but I made sure this time they are not too much. She had been collecting the saga seeds under the saga tree. 

We were lucky to see lots of butterflies flying around in and near the maze and spotted a couple of animals. Little One had a fun morning at the park. It was a pity that the water play area and the magic of photosynthesis is under maintenance. 
Tree House

We are reading...

Let us Protect by Dr Florence Teo

This is part of the nurturing good values series. I hope to instill the value of protecting our environment.


  1. Awww looks like you have been very very busy! Love that second photo. I always love art works. Your library looks awesome. Our here is small but we love to go there too!

    Dropping by from http://pixiedusk.livejournal.com/319660.html

    1. Yes, I have been pretty busy! We love visiting the libraries, most of them are child friendly too! As for art, I try to stimulate some interest whenever time permits. Usually, she would just doodle. :)


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