Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Threading Jewellery Beads

We are enjoying more and more sessions of threading recently.We had such tremendous fun that we are finishing the beads up soon! 

We got these beads from both Daiso and Pasar Malam. Both sets comes with threads. We tried making bracelets from both sets. The thread from Daiso is much thinner and is not stretchable. Hence, the first bracelet we made fell into pieces when we tried stretching it. It is better to use it to make long necklaces, bag accessories and pencil case accessories. The set we bought from Pasar Malam contains stretchable thread and it is very suitable for making bracelets, 

Threading is not just fun, it is good for motor skills development and pattern sequencing. Best of all, you can display what you created! For my case, cheap accessories for Little One. :P

Report Card:-

Suitable Age Group:- 4 and above.
Difficulty level: 1/5 (Level 1 being no or little help is required, Level 5 being very difficult)
Safety level : 5/5 (Level 1 being very unsafe, Level 5 being very safe, Beads are not suitable for young toddler. Supervision is required if you intend to let young children to play with them  )
Messiness: 3/5 (When spillage occurs, otherwise no mess at all)
Fun Level : 5/5

Her verdict?

This is fun! I can be pretty like a princess!

Look at her creation!, Does it look like a chain of gummy bears?

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  1. Nice job! We love threading too! I'm letting my soon to be 2yo make her own bracelets and necklaces too and she simply loves loves loves it! =) Thanks for linking this up!

    1. Thank you, Summer, for your comments! Yes, it will be fun but close supervision would be required.


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