Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Little One @ Gardener's Day Out

This was our first trip to Gardener's Day Out.  There were quite a number of things going on that day. Mainly Hort Clinic where you can ask questions regarding plant care. There were plant sales (mainly from the Pasir Panjang Nursery) and gardening talk too. Definitely a great event for gardeners!

I have no green fingers. Practically every plant I tried to grow died in my hands, so it took me quite a while to decide to attend the event. We attended mainly because of the Edible Garden Tour and Harvesting. Living in the city meant that most children do not get a chance to plant and harvest vegetables. The first time I get to know that we can actually harvest from the garden was during our last Hort Park and Pasir Panjang tour. We wrote in to Hort Park to register. The programme is about an hour long. The cost of the programme is $3/ parent child pair. The only mode of payment is by NETS at the Visitor Services Centre.

Plants on sale
Hort Clinic
There were free plants (2 leaves and a flower stalk ) and free fertilizer  given out on that day itself! Little One likes the flowers so we got some.

There were workshops and storytelling on that day too. Guided tours were available too.

Edible Garden Tour and Harvesting
Below is a photo essay of the harvesting part of the programme. We were brought to the Edible Garden and were shown which plants could be harvested. The children were quite excited to touch and harvest the plants. There were Spinach, Cai Xin, Radish, Long Bean, Basils, Corn, Brinjal , Lemongrass, Pandan leaves and Ladyfinger. We didn't harvest a lot as we tend to eat out during weekend and hate to put the food we harvested to a waste. Hence, we harvested what we thought could last us through Monday. From the programme, I also learnt how to keep the food fresher from one of the volunteers.

Both Little One and I enjoyed our events. We will definitely be back.
Pulling the radish!

Various Leafy plants

Left: Harvesting Corn
Right: These Garden shears are pretty sharp. Little One nearly snapped my fingers with it in her excitement!
Her bagful of vegetables
Cooking simply with the harvested goods. My creation: Soupy Udon with lemongrass, basil and Cai Xin with a dash of sesame oil for flavour. Little One likes it.

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