Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fondant Demo by Chef Nicholas Ang of The White Ombré

Things required for crafting: rolling pin, piler, floral tape, mould cutter, floral wire, ball tool ,spoons and non-stick board with 4 grooves for making leaves .

Chef Nicholas And demonstrating the making of roses

The 2 types of roses which he had demos - one of which is a David Austin Rose (pretty real looking)
We attending the fondant cake design by Chef Nicholas Ang of The White Ombré at the National Design Centre. He made altogether 3 roses and some leaves. Fondant  is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavoured or coloured. Hence, it is very sweet edible but some people may not like it due to the extreme sweetness.

The chef demonstrated on how to shape fondant into flowers and leaves. Flowers were made by sticking petals pieces by pieces to the floral wire using water. Chopstick was used in this case for the David Austin Rose because it was heavy. Participants were encouraged to try out to make the leaves and petals. Several ladies tried out. Little One participated too although she does not have the strength to roll the fondant thinly. She cut the leaf out and tried to put in the wire through the main vein. Then, using a leaf mould to leave impressions of tinier veins.

Leaves seemed easy enough. But the same cannot be said for flowers. A few other ladies tried making the petals. Rolling the fondant thinly and cut out circles were easy enough. However, making the petal from the cicular fondant was not that easy. We used the ball tool to shape the petal. The ball tool was to be rolled on the top edge of the petals with some force so that it forms the natural frays. The force cannot be too hard or the petal may break. That was the problem we faced when we tried making the petals. The bottom of the petal have to be rolled by the tool to form some what like a v shape. Then to apply the petal to a spoon to make it look more naturally curved. The top edge of the petal was to be bent lightly over the top of the spoon.This again required some skills. The petal was then left to dry. Then paste one by one to a tear drop fondant. The trick is to overlap each petal by covering 1/3 of the previous petal and to tuck the last petal under the first one when the layer is about to be completed.

Below is a video I found in the youtube. It demostrates how to make a rose. I prefer how Chef Nicholas made it as no cutting in the end was required.

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  1. Really lovely gumpaste roses. I remember doing them when I did a wilton course 4 yrs ago.

    1. Yes, his roses are fantastic! Great to know that you tried to do them in a wilton course! I believe it must be quite an experience!

  2. What beautiful work! They are lovely.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/03/spring-has-finally-sprung.html


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