Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Term 1 and the end of term holiday

Term 1 flies in a twinkle of an eye.

Initially, waking up was not an issue for Little One. However, as the days goes by, Little One struggles to wake up each morning. There was no tantrum but I could see if given the choice, she would rather be in bed.

Little One is learning to pack her bag properly. She checks her time table and packs accordingly. Most of the time, she packs correctly. Occasionally, she forgets a thing or two. It is her responsibility to learn to take care of her own stuff. Hopefully, in this coming term, she will not forget to bring anything to school.

Homework is to be put in the folder which she carries to school everyday. However, she does not have the habit of keeping them in the folder. Many times, they came back crumpled. I have to remind her again and again to use the folder. I am glad to say this finally is being put into practice.

Spelling is not a big issue but I do get problems when she does not cooperate with me to learn the words by heart. It is not a must to score high marks but if she does not put in some effort to learn, I truly worries for her. This is another responsibility issue which I have to tackle this term.

Little One and her classmates used their own whiteboards and markers during lessons.  This, I feel, is great! At a glance, the teachers will know instantly, how the students fare.

Health check by the ministry was done in the first term. I am glad that there are no major issues with her health and her eyesight is normal. However, her eczema starts to flare since the beginning of term. I wonder what is the cause. I have similar issues but not as bad. I wonder whether it is because of the hot weather or could it be other allergen.

I had to get her baby teeth extracted as the 2 adult teeth behind them had almost reached full size and food had been trapped between those teeth.

She has been bringing homework back every other day and most of the time, it is Chinese homework. Only the last 2 week, there was no homework. She had her first online homework to do during the holidays. It is a new experience and I believe in future, there may be more of such works.

During the holidays, we have been going to various activities, most notably Gardener's Day Out , National Gallery, Sentosa (Kidz Flea) and Singapore Design Week.

In Gardener's Day Out, Little One learnt that one can grow and harvest one's own crop in Singapore. Pity we don't have much space for farming in HDB flat. Hopefully the dreams can be realised as per the Future of Us exhibition whereby local flats can utilise the open air space on top of our blocks for rooftop gardening.

We visited the National Gallery again. This time, we spent time to study the art of some pieces in the gallery. One of the painting that caught Little One's attention was Forest Fire by Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman. She was wondering why the animals were behaving that way. I asked her to examine the piece carefully and analyse what was going on. This detailed painting captured the expressions of the wild animals and how they were trying to survive. I encouraged Little One to think deeper how were the animals feeling. I asked her what she thinks causes the forest fire. Of course, there were no absolute answers for this painting but I would like to point out to her that this is what could be happening if there was a forest fire, be it of a natural cause or man made "slash and burn" disaster. Although our conversation was pretty superficial, I wanted her to know the importance of protecting Mother Earth.

Little One is pretty inspired by the children she saw in the Kids Flea. I had told her the children were there to learn how to do business. It reminded her of her Entrepreneur Day organised by her kindergarten and hence, she was pretty supportive of the programme and she bought 3 items for below $10.

As there were free workshops in National Design Centre, I brought Little One over whenever hubby was not available to take care of her. I had signed up for several workshops. She attended the Clothes Call workshop to upcycle T-shirt and also watched a fondant rose design demonstration by
The White Ombré.

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