Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Singapore Biennale- Have you been there?

Happening between 26 Oct 2013 to 16 Feb 2014, is the Singapore Biennale 2013. 

  • Have you visited yet? Below are some of the exhibits that could be found in Bras Basah Bugis Precinct District. I have listed some which does not require entrance fee.

1) National Library Building
  •  Exhibit 1 . Gardens, by the Way  by ZNC (Zincnite Crew)

Gardens, by the Way (Night)
Gardens, by the Way (Day)
Made from Plastic Bottles
Do you see GBTW?


   Exhibit 2 . Change in 7 Days by Komvni
Change in 7 Days
Look at the past and present photo
The man in blue with the same position outside different flats
  •  Exhibit 3 . Fenomena  by Speak Crytic
  •  Exhibit 4 . Light of Nature by Krit Ngamsom
Light of Nature - my Favorite

2) Singapore Management University (SMU)
  •  Exhibit 1 . City Crossword  by Irwan Ahmett &Tita Salina
City Crossword

3) National Museum of Singapore
  •  Exhibit 1 . Rainbow Circle by Suzann Victor
Rainbow Circle . It's a pity I couldn't capture the beauty when I was there. Strong sunlight is required
  Exhibit 2 . Wormhole by Eko Prawoto


Exhibit 3 . Lumbung Ilum by Rosid

Probably I am a city dweller, I am obsessed with anything rural.
Lumbung Ilmu

 Exhibit 4 . Bamboo- Bonsai-ing  by François Roche

Bamboo -Bonsai-ing

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