Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine and Lantern Festival | 5 Valentine Crafts + 1 Lantern Craft

This year,Valentine's Day (14th of February) falls on the same day as Spring Lantern Festival 元宵(the 15th day of the 1st Lunar Month). Probably you are not aware, Spring Lantern Festival is also known as Chinese Valentine's Day. The Chinese does not celebrate the same way as the Westerners but as globalisation starts, there could be a mix of East and West culture. Traditionally, the Chinese would eat Yuan Xiao (元宵)on this day, paper lanterns would be display around the town. This marks the end of celebration of the Chinese New Year. This is one of the few occasion, young ladies especially from rich families are allow to roam the street to enjoy the lights. Lantern riddles are attached beneath lanterns and the literate young men would be guessing the riddles. This is also the time young men get to meet young ladies. And hence, the Spring Lantern Festival is sometimes referred as Chinese Valentine's Day.

As both Valentine's Day are approaching, I am sourcing for crafts to do, if  I could afford the time. Surprisingly, I have yet to find a East meet West fusion kind of gift idea... hahaha...  Now sharing some of my favourites. Please click the link to the various tutorials.


1. Heart Felt Flower Hair Clip

I simply adore these hairclips! All are made from heart shapes felt! Perfect for Valentine. And I think they would look great on little one's hair!

2. You blow my heart up

Wow! A statement with impart! Check the craft out! And it comes with a printable tag!

3. Heart wreaths

If only I could get some lovely long twigs, maybe I could do one to decorate my home. If you have Pussy Willow 银柳 as Chinese New Year decoration at home,  probably you can do with that.

4. Window Dollies

This craft is simple to make. It's a pretty sight at the window. Suitable for toddlers to do.

5. Fingerprint Frames

This frame is Fabulous! I simply love it. Little kids can join in the fun too!


1. Chinese Red Lantern

This look a bit like the usual paper lantern we used to do in school but this is made from Paper Cup! Click to read the tutorial. Seem relative easy to make!

If you do find or have any idea on fusion crafts to make for Valentine's Day, feel free to drop me a comment!

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