Friday, April 18, 2014

Tutorial: How to make needle felted animals

Early last week, while walking through Daiso IMM, I found wool roving. I was very excited because these are cheap! I have bought rovings at almost double this price at a craft shop! How can I resist buying these then? I bought each of every colour I found and a needle felting kit shown as below.

I am still a noob when it comes to needle felting. I do not know how to differentiate between the different types of wool. I read there are roving, sliver, top etc. I also read they are different types of needles meant for needle felting. Ah... these are for the more experienced and more passionate needle felting lovers. Meanwhile, I think my felting needle and wool roving would serve me well enough.

Today I will be doing a tutorial for needle felting of this animal kit.
I find that the roving in the kit is different from the more expensive one that I have bought from store. This feels courser. For beginner, I think this kit is good because at a cheap price of S$2, felting needle and wool rovings are already provided. You would need to read on that package what is being provided and what you need to prepare. I didn't have an awl, I went ahead to buy any way. Instructions are available in English. Estimated time take is indicated as well. I did mine within 3 hours.  I am quite happy with everything. The only complain I have is that the rovings are stacked on top of each other, instead of being rolled up. Hence I have got bits of black wool in my white roving. 


1. Spread out the rovings, checking for any foreign particles. I found some and take them out. These foreign objects may break your felting needle when you stab them.
2. Pick out the amount you need for felting. In this case, instructions are provided in leaflets. Roll into the shape that you want and start felting on a felting mat or sponge.
3. Harden the wool roving by stabbing in and out. Tips available here
The almost-done core
The Core that looks like cocoon.
4. To add on more volume,.wrap the wool round the core. My suggestion is to felt the new wool along as you  wrap as per below picture. I do not mean to leave your needle like that. I couldn't hold the needle as I am taking the photo. Just put on your imagination cap, imagine my right hand felting the new wool on the core. Felt a few times as you wrap along the core. The purpose of doing this is better manage the shape of the sculpture.
5. After wrapping, secure the ends by stabbing into the core. Continue to poke in and out till the desired shape is obtained.

6. Making the jowls. Start by placing the middle of wool strip to the center of face, working sidewards and downwards, finally, back to the centre. This, I find, is quite a challenge to do.

The jowls is done but looked lopsided
7. Making the ears. Half a strip of wool and stab separately. Compare from time to time to make sure they look similar. Do not stab the joining end (to the head) too much as too much stabbing will harden the felt , making it difficult to felt on the head.

8. Make hole for the eye with an awl. I have tried to do without the awl, seemed like it is not working too well. I had a difficult time trying to dig holes for those eyes. The eyes looked almost like popping out! Whahaha... (refer to my last picture) Should have checked my hubby's toolbox for an awl. The eye parts are glued on after that.
9. Making the nose and mouth by stabbing black wool to the head.

10. Finally, open a jump ring, insert at the top of the head and close it. Pincer is required for the job. Put a ball chain through the jump ring

Ta dah!
The job is done. Hope you have been enjoying reading our posts and liking us on facebook

When I give this to my little girl, she asked me where is the body... LOL...

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