Friday, April 25, 2014

Scratch art

Little one received this in a goodie bag. Seriously, I do not know what it is except that since a toothpick is provided, we have to scratch it? 

Testing...I scratched those 2 flowers
It reminds me of those scratch and win lucky coupon
Scratch, scratch...

 You can try making your own scratch art step by step in this website.

Report Card:-

Suitable Age Group:- 4 and above.
Difficulty level: 1/5 (Level 1 being no or little help is required, Level 5 being very difficult)
Safety level : 4/5 (Level 1 being very unsafe, Level 5 being very safe, Supervision is required for this craft due to sharp equipment.  )
Messiness: 1/5 (needs to clean off the debris after the scratch)
Fun Level : 4/5
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