Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Development these few months (Dec 2013 to Mar 2014)

1. Learnt to wash her face by herself without being prompt.
She started this routine out of the blue. This is a good habit which I hope I can help her maintain.
Washing up

2. Brushing her teeth voluntarily.
For the first time she brushes her teeth voluntarily.

3. Learnt to write her English (Dialect) name in December
Although she can't tell then which are the capital letters and which are the small letters, she writes her name in a mixture of both.

4. Learning to accept wider range of food choice.
She has learnt to eat Chwee Kueh, Chee Cheong Fan, curry, handmade noodles. Although some are not her favourite, at least she is willing to experiment.

5. Getting more imaginative.
Besides being princesses and fairies, she is now a teacher and a ring seller.

6. Learnt to write her Chinese name (43 strokes) over the past 3 months.
It is a major accomplishment in my opinion since her Chinese name is pretty difficult to write.
This is not her name. She added star and flag to show she knows how to write.

7. Beat an egg and washing rice prior cooking
Since she enjoys pretend cooking, I assume she would like to help out in preparing food in the kitchen.

8. Learning to make pom pom, blow water colours and to sew.
These are some crafts which I have introduce her over the months. She is not an expert now and is still an apprentice.
Triming a pom pom

9. Starting to interact with her elder cousins and mingled around.
In the past, she is more into parallel play. Nowadays, she interacts more and starts to play and talk with her cousins. When she is in a good mood, she even sings and dance for her cousins.

10. Growing 1 cm  every month.
She is growing taller every month and as a result out grow her clothes faster than ever. Now when I buy clothes, I choose to buy one to two size bigger.

11. Learnt to blow nose
She finally learnt the "art" of blowing nose. It is such a blessing that she can do it instead of sniffing the mucus back into her body and coughing as a result. It puts an end to her night coughs.

12. Learning to put on her own plaster
She loves putting plasters to her cut herself. I would often check whether she did it correctly. Sometimes, she put the sticky part on her wound instead. Ouch!

13. Not afraid of dog
She used to be afraid of dogs. Now she is not.

14. Went exploration in various new places
We went to River Safari, Punggol Waterway Park and Bottle Tree Park.

15. Went fully diaper-less 
For the past 1.5 month, she had said bye bye to her diapers but wetted her bed a quarter of the time. I will continue not letting her wear diapers and monitor how it goes.

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