Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our First and Probably Final Fishing at Bottle Tree Park

Park exploration is something I like to do with little one. Last week, we went to Bottle Tree Park. This is a special park that does not belongs to National Parks Board. It is leased to Bottle Tree Park Limited. Now I am writing this with a heavy heart. I just got to know the lease of this 7 ha land is coming to an end. It is hard to find such a place that has a kampung style with so much fun awaiting for you!
Serene, isn't it?
Walking from Khatib MRT, we locate the Park after 10-15 minutes of walking

A sealed water well. The back drop reminds me of the slopes of padi fields in Indonesia

I just feel nostalgic when I look at this swing! Reminds me of those swings I used to play with when I was young!

Fishing pond

Prawn fishing

My girl was attracted to this LongKang fishing ($10/kid) but she caught none! A kind girl helped her caught 5 instead. A lot of young kids loves to play in this area.

A photo with the famous bottle tree which the park is named after. Noted little one had a change of clothes? That's because she fell into the Longkang fishing pond and suffered a slight cut on the knee.

We do not know what these were but they looked so pretty


A Lotus Pond
Simply breathtaking!
This is the first time I see Lotus at such close proximity. I din't zoom my lens, I just put my camera closer to it.

A Rustic Kampung (Malay for village)

Swan Paddling - only open on weekend after 5pm
As my girl had suffered a minor cut at the pond, I have to cut our visit short. We have yet to discover the rest of the park. They have plenty of Australian flora besides the Bottle Tree. They also have a mini -zoo showcasing pheasants (not sure whether there are some other animals), paintball field, remote car racing tracks.

Little one seemed to look sad ,with her drooping head , that she had to leave the park. Exactly the same way as I am feeling. 

Little one was so enthusiastic about rearing fishes, she decided to decorate the tank on the outside, so that the fishes could see them... LOL

Our poor fishes died one by one... My hubby decided to get a mini tank, filter and a pump. Now we are left with one fish. I hope it will survive though.

I do not know why I have to say so many bye bye this year and really hated it that I have not discover this park earlier. I could have brought little one to this place for some kampung fun. With this closing after Kids Kampong, I do not know where else can I bring my little one for such fishing. If you know of any such places or if you have experience in rearing fishes, please drop a comment or two.

Bottle Tree Park
81 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun) Click here for Google Maps
Singapore 769198

Operation Hours
8:00 am to 12 midnight

P.S:- To read on our second visit,  visit here.
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  1. thanks for reminding me.. we must go for a visit before it closes for good too. I hope the cut has healed well.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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    1. Thanks, Ai! The cut is healing well! :)

  2. Still open although now the restaurants are closed.

  3. Great to know that the place is still open to public! Through fb, I knew the bottle tree is no longer there. It was being shifted but there was no mention where it would be rooted..


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