Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My photographer wannabe

At a certain point in time, your toddler will imitate your every move. This particular post is about her trying to be a photographer. Below were moments captured when she was younger. Be it a handphone gadget or a camera, she always looks so serious. 

Capturing a shot of the turtle

A snap of the blueberry frozen yogurt

Signature finger snap!

Below are some shots she took at a library programme, It's a snap! 
She took in total 200+ photos. Some of them are surprisingly beautiful and imaginative! We could bond through photography snapping by asking her to do a show and tell.

In her eyes, these are...
A 'ship' 

Pretty things

vs crowd
Brown shrubs as result of dry spell...
Her body parts
Hair and Scalp



 In a crowded lift...

I think only a kid can escape from taking photos in lift at such close proximity.
 Anything and Everything

Dreams and Reality

Photographer on the escalator


When the Subject is not really the Subject
After the whole photography trip, we were allowed to print a photo and frame it up. Frames were given and children get to decorate it with stickers.
Photo printer

Ta- Dah! End product.

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