Tuesday, March 18, 2014

7 things I that I miss ...now that I stopped working.

1. Colleagues

Some colleagues became good friends. I was lucky to meet a couple of them during my stay at my ex-company. They helped you along when you have difficulties and sometimes even it is out of their job scope. I felt very touched and appreciated when they did me a scrapbook when I decided to leave the job.

2. Kampong Glam

My last workplace is pretty close to Kampong Glam, one of the tourist attraction. This charming place is great for photography. Trendy clothes can be found here in Haji Lane. Doinky Doodles at Bali Lane is my favourite craft shop. Not forgetting EatPlayLove cafe which is located at Aliwal Street. It is my favourite hangout with my kid.

3. Libraries - Central library and Library@Chinatown

Whilst I worked in the Central District, these 2 libraries became my most frequently visited libraries then. These 2 libraries have special focus theme. Central library is where the world first green library for kids is located whereas Library@Chinatown focus on Chinese Arts and Culture.

Central Library
Library@ Chinatown

4. Shopping:- 

Close proximity to Chinatown, Clark Quay , Raffles City region, Orchard Road and Bugis

Shopping was effortlessly easy in the area. Whenever, I need to run errand, I would just hop on a bus, MRT or simply walk to get the stuff needed. Most of the time, I would be able to find the things that I wanted. Something cheap will be from Daiso @ Plaza Singapura or Chinatown Point. Shoes from OG Albert Complex, Clothes from Lalu at Liang Court. Craft materials from Daiso, Spotlight at Plaza Singapura or a couple of crafts shop at Chinatown. Gifts from several gift shops in Raffles City and Bugis

5. The Basement

This is a special cafe which I would like to introduce. I love the food there! I simply miss the food, especially the egg benedict!

6. The Museums

My ex-office is located in the museum belt. That means I get to visit the Museums during lunch time. Usually I would pop down when there is any exhibition that interest me and I would decide then whether the exhibition would interest my girl.

7. Money

Of course, I miss money! When I worked, I had my own salary and could afford buying things that I want for the family. Now I have to think twice! Sounds sad, isn't it? Nevertheless, I still did not regret the decision I have made just as long as I can be with little one. :)

What about you? If you are not working, is there anything you miss most? If you are working, is there anything you think you would miss?

***Just received a sad news, The Basement cafe would ceased operation on the 12 Apr 2014. They would be having their first and final Saturday lunch serving on the 22 Mar 2014 from 1130am to 430pm.  They do not open on weekends, this is the first time they are doing so. 


  1. I am envious of you to choose your little one over work. I think I will miss the freedom to spend most if I were to stop working. But I am sure the time spent with the kids will be priceless. Another thing that I may miss will probably be adult interaction. So, be sure to go out for girly dates once in a while :) Enjoy your SAHM days!

    1. Thanks, Christy! Yes, I am going on girly dates, lunching with my ex-colleagues every month. :)


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