Friday, March 21, 2014

Food Review : The Basement Cafe

This cafe is one cafe that I am going to miss. It is listed in one of the 7 things that I miss now that I stopped working. It's last day of operation will be on the 11 Apr 2014. I will definitely go down some day to say goodbye. This Saturday, 22/Mar/2013 (tomorrow), they are opening  for their first and probably the last time for lunch serving 11:30am to 4:30pm.

Located at the basement ,80 Stamford Road #B1-62, Singapore 178901, it is within Singapore Management University (SMU) campus. Not surprising, if you walked through the basement, you would be drawn soon to the oh-so-good smelling aroma that comes from The Basement Cafe.

I was brought here by my ex-colleague when she said we were to lunch at the basement of SMU. As I had never really explore the basement of SMU then except to Koufu, I thought she meant to have lunch at Koufu. What a surprise when I knew of this hidden gem! From then on, I explored other eateries in the SMU campus. Still I couldn't one any other eateries in the region that is comparable to this cafe. Read on to see what I mean?

1. Lovely Ambience

Once you stepped into the cafe, you would soon be wowed by the ambience. Warm lights, comfy sofas and benches that are perfect for gatherings. The cafe is well decorated and has a casual feel. It has a mini stage at the farthest end from the entrance whereby live band could play. By the way, they have a workable typewriter in the cafe too.

2. This cafe serves the best Eggs Benedict I have eaten.

I couldn't resist their Eggs Benedict. I have eaten others but in my opinion, The Basement's eggs benedict taste better than other cafes or restaurants which I have been to. Can you believe I patronised the cafe almost every week ever since I that fateful day?
I had this variation of Benedict when I was still working in that region last year.

3. Value for Money

You will noted their menu is not the same as what you would find in restaurants or cafe. It is actually menu in a clear L-shaped folder, exactly the same way a student would put their own notes in. Choices is not a lot but enough to satisfy your hungry , rumbling stomach. I recommend especially, any of the Eggs Benedict and Chicken Roulade. 


Hey! Hey! Probably the menu would have given you a slight hint. You could have guessed it! Now comes the interesting part, this cafe is actually a student run cafe, founded by 5 SMU students. I didn't know this initially but I am so obsessed with the cafe that I started to do a google search. In the end, reading almost every blogs that blogged about this cafe and yes, I like their facebook page too! I am totally amazed how they could make it work juggling both business and studies together! Not only they are very successful, these kind souls donates 30% of the profits to charities.

After I stopped working, I started to miss their food so much that I brought my family to eat on Lunar New Year's Eve!

To our surprise, Chief Yi Yi served us bread with olive oil! Yes, their service have been excellent. I was always served with a smile.
Bread with olive
Sous Vide Pork Cheek Ragu
Eggs Benedict Royale, don't they look perfect? 

Chicken Roulade
With these pictures, have I tempted you enough to get down to The Basement?
Their lease would end soon, due to school regulation, they would have to handover by 11 Apr 2014.
I wonder where they would be going after they graduate since this is their final year? Will they still be business partners and set up a cafe again? Anyway, good the bests to them and wishing them success!

The Basement Cafe
(Opening hours: 11.30am to 5pm, last order at 4.30pm)
80 Stamford Rd #B1-62
School of Information System
Singapore Management University

Accessible via MRT, @ Bras Basah Station.


It is unlikely they would come together to work as a team but some of them will go into F&B services.
Wishing them the best of luck to them in their future endeavours.


  1. What a gem in SMU! I have never stepped inside though. Good that you introduces this cafe here for all to know. If you do know where they are heading, remember to give a shout to your readers :)

    1. Yes. I am very sad that they have to handover soon though. Once I found out what they are heading, I will sure to shout out! :)


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