Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blast from the Past #1:- Buona Vista Swimming Complex

Dear Little One,

Buona Vista Swimming complex had closed its door to the public today. Yesterday was its last day of service to the community. Sigh! Yet another site Mama used to have fun is gone.
Here are some photos of you having your one and only swimming in the complex.
There were 3 pools in the complex. Your aunt and I called them fondly :- the baby pool, the children pool and the adult pool.


Ticketing machine and safety advisory. In the past, tickets were sold at counters, not automated

Tickets... not the same as the good old days, probably will be different when you grow up
The Adult pool. Your Aunt is a daredevil. She jumped into this pool but managed to swim up when she was P1 but she scared the wits out of Mama.
In baby pool, next to this pool is the children pool. A lot of children used to play there in the past. You can see it in the background. Not much of a crowd. These are tell tale sign that it will go soon.

You were a  little terrified...

learning to kick...

Attempting  to float on water
resulting in a new hairstyle which I think is cool
When you were tired, just relax and 'fly' through. Your Papa will hold on to you.
You are such a happy girl !
With the demolishing of this swimming complex, I shall keep this post in remembrance of the one and only swimming complex which I had dipped my toes in with your Aunt. This shall also be a post for you to remember by. Chances are things that you will feel the same way as Mama when you know of sites that you have grown to love are being tear down and demolished.

Now, Mama embraced the past memories and move forward. You can do it too in the future.


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