Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Selamat Tinggal - Bottle Tree Park

An extension to my previous post, this is one last post on the lovely place - The Bottle Tree Park.

The park will be closed soon to carry out reinstatement works to return the land to the authority. One couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the plants and animals in the park. We paid another visit to the park on 29th March. Below are a series of pictures we caught on that day. There was a couple who held their wedding solemnisation on that day too!

The Kampung Look
This is the entrance to Bottle Tree Park
A Kampung hut

A relaxing place for people who fishes

Look at those fishes! I wonder what will happen to them ...

Another hut

Flora and Fauna
Beaucarnea Recurvata

Grass tree on the right. I can't identify the one on the left.

What is this plant?

And this?

What about this?

Golden Pheasants

This looks like mimosa but it is not. Not sensitive to touch
Interesting groups
These 2 groups SURF and SL Kampung  are 2 interesting groups which Ground Up Initiative (GUI) has found.It is a volunteer-driven non-profit community that values connecting with Mother Earth for the many things it teaches us. They seemed to have so much to offer. 

SURF (Sustainable Urban Farm)
A small farm sighted (part of what SURF is doing)

An old postbox spotted

Rabbit Totem

SL Kampung
Racing tracks for car racing lovers

Swinging fun

We intended to bring little one for swan paddling but the area does not seemed to be in operation. Hence, we decided to have some free swinging fun instead. While we did that, we watch the wedding solemnisation taking place at the restaurant..
Last but not least, we sat on the retro swing for some swinging fun. This is something I miss doing.
Bye Bye Bottle Tree- Sob... I dunno if I get to see you again

Selamat Tinggal! (Good bye in Malay)

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