Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blooming flowers!

Singapore's weather is pretty predictable. Hot, wet and humid almost all year round. No define four seasons. Flowers bloom all year round. However, since the mid Jan, there was a dry spell going on for 27 days followed by abundant rainfall may have triggered massive flowering as such these spectacular, lovely scenes.

Early April, we have the pink flowers blooming, especially the Trumpet trees. They remind me of the Sakura in Japan.

I have seen trumpet flowers blooming years ago when I was in my school days along AYE expressway. They were beautiful. Usually these flowers bloom in late March to early April but they do not last long. Within a week, they are all gone. It had been quite some time since I last travelled along AYE.

Ghim Moh Link  (photo credit : my brother)
9th April

Trumpet  trees in full bloom

Flower Carpet

SMU (Singapore Management University, after we visited The Basement for one last time.)
10th Apr

The pink bloom was almost gone when we reach. So the Trumpet trees located here look almost like "normal" green trees. Seriously, I have yet to differentiate each tree by simply looking at their crown or leaves. I wonder how possibly to do that without looking at the flowers or fruits. Probably, it was never possible. :P Anyway, I did not try capture any pretty pink blooms with my camera as they look insignificant in my camera screen.
The tree with the white flowers. Believe it is just under the Trumpet tree. Look at the pink trumpet flowers which had already fallen.
I  love this flowering bushes.  Some flowers are with spots
A fruit spotted, by little one, among the bushes.

Heh! I have taken many shots from these plants. :P
I am not sure what flowers are these. Looks like Frangipani but the petals arrangement looks more like a pinwheel to me. Also, the centre of these flowers are less yellowish as compared to Frangipani.

Picking up a trumpet tree flower
Ghim Moh Road
14th April

It's the yellow flowers' turn to bloom. Other yellow flowers, eg Golden Showers, are blooming in other areas of Singapore too. The one I have capture is the more commonly found ones, I think, I spotted them in at least 3 areas. I spot some in my own neighbourhood too!
 These , I think, are Xanthostemon chrysanthus. (Golden Penda)

Red frangipani
15 April 
More Xanthostemon chrysanthus (Golden Penda)

Blooming Golden Penda

For more Singapore Blooms, you may want to refer to NParks' Facebook page.

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  1. Love the flowers and the sweet little smile :)
    I shared some pictures of the bloom for WW too. They are too beautiful to miss.

    1. Yes, Dianaruth! They are too beautiful to be missed!


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