Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Dedication to Mom

My mom is a stay-at-home mom since I was at the age of 6. I admire and often wonder how she managed to handle with 3 kids in a tow. I guess, being mom, she just have to make it work.

My siblings and I often quarrelled over minor issues and I guess we must be very irritating and causing a lot of problems for our dear mom then. There was a period we would quarrel over toys and had many meltdowns. Mom always asked us to share with and not fight against one another. Somehow or rather, it just fell on deaf ears. When Little One had a meltdown, I could totally understand the feelings and 'sufferings' she had been through.

Yes, when I was pregnant with Little One, I was just beginning to taste motherhood. There was morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms which I have not known until I had her. Probably I was too young to observe my mom then when she was pregnant with my brother. I had never seen her with morning sickness. All I known was her tummy was growing bigger. No one told me that I would be restless in the last trimester and may have difficulty getting up from the bed. Ahhh... the wonders and the fears of pregnancy... And it was so wrong to think the sleepless nights would end immediately after I give birth. I don't even remember my brother crying for milk in the middle of the night.

We are choosy about food. I don't like seafood but my siblings does. My brother does not like pork but the rest of us does. This is another headache for dear mom. It was difficult to plan meals. I can understand that she does not want us to be choosy about food so that we can grow healthy. She would hide our 'hate food' somewhere together with our favourite ones. Hey, isn't that what I am doing to make Little One eats her 'hate food'?

When we were sick and unwell, be it fever or a sprained ankle, it was always mom who takes care of us. The household chores were all taken care by her until we were old enough to help out. Only then, the chores were shared among all of us.

The journey of motherhood is just the beginning for me whereas it had last for decades for my mom. Regardless where we are, we will always be children who had not grown up in the eyes of our mother.

Today is Mother's Day. My mom had sacrifice and done many things for us. I am writing this post to salute her. Thank you ,Mom ,and Happy Mother's Day.

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