Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Playtime- More than a child's play

Little One was doing up her own playground. What can you do with a pile of mattresses and 2 pool noodles?

She did this (see below picture). What do you think it is?

A pile of mattresses that became Little One's play items. According to her, this is a slide.
She complained the pool noodles would give way whenever she tried to sit on top of the "slide". She wanted me to help her fix the issue.

Hmmm... of course, the pool noodles will give way but how to set her thinking and understand the concept.
To her, parents can solve all problems including the impossible... haha...
Well, parents always try their best but sometimes, there is limitation to what we can do.

I questioned , "Hey, you know Sponge Bob? What happen to him when you try squeezing him?"
She replied, " He would bend."
"This material (pool noodle) is something like Sponge Bob. It will bend when you try sitting on it."
"Ohhh..." *disappointedly*

"Why not change this to something else? You can't sit on it but you can hide under it"
"It's a CAVE!"

There is no limits to creativity. When one thing doesn't work, we should encourage the child to think of another solution. Throw her some questions and guide along. This time round, I am helping her to think of changing the slide to a cave. Hopefully, in future, whenever she face a minor problems, she would stop and think of a solution and not rely on parents to help.

Happily hiding below the mattress. 
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