Friday, May 30, 2014

June Holidays Programmes 2014

The June Holidays are here soon! I have been busy planning what to do for little one during the long holidays.

Besides her usual homework which I would give almost daily, I would bring her to outing almost every alternate days! Also, I would add in art and crafts which she enjoys so much! Probably, a chance to make bread or cakes with me. I also intend to grow a plant with her!

Hopefully, I will also be able to train her to drink more water during this hot weather. She doesn't like water much and does not drink 6-8 cups per day.

This holiday, I would be bringing her to the following:-

1) Children's Season 
I am quite happy that various museums and heritage institutions had come up with a whole lot of activities to entertain children, bringing them closer to the museums and learning our heritage while having fun. I am even glad that now Little One had come of age to participate quite a number of activities. This year, I have particularly chosen Police Heritage Centre and Land Transport Gallery. These are places which we had not been to. We would recommending a visit to National Museum of Singapore (NMS) as well. Little One had a play-date with her friends and they had a tremendous fun!

PLAY at NMS- a very retro looking TV and kids get to play with puppets and act out as though they are not  TV.

2) Libraries.
Check out "Go Library." Most of the programmes I sign her up are art and craft related. From tomorrow on, you can double up on your readings till 31 July 2014! We would take this opportunity to borrow more books as well as some educational programmes for viewing!
Trying out silk screen painting

3) Nature Trails around the Parks
NPark is offering quite a number of walking trails and workshops. I am quite interested in the Nature Keeper programme but my child is too young! Nevertheless, walking and playing around the parks are some activities I like to do with Little One. We would probably explore parks we have not been to before, eg. Little Guilin or the Telok Blangah Hill Park. Check out National Orchid Garden. It will be free from 24 May to 8 June 2014 for students and accompanying adults.

4) Balik Kampung
We have signed up for Balik Kampung at Ground-Up Initiative (GUI). Remember this group? I have been interested in them since that day we explored Bottle Tree Park. This session will be conducted in Bottle Tree Park. Bottle Tree Park is not the same from my last visit. The Bottle Tree has been removed. I wanted to take this opportunity to see the place again. As no one knows when GUI would be asked to leave the premises, hence, we are taking this opportunity to visit Bottle Tree Park again. You should read the review by Agy from Green Issues. To register yourself, you can sign up by clicking the link below this photo.
Credit : Ground-Up Initiative

5) Haw Par Villa
This is one place that my hubby is interested to visit. It is full of childhood memory for the 2 of us. We remembered how our parents brought us here to look at the 10 courts of Hell.  Hopefully, we can make it during one of the weekends. Read this post by Christy from Kids "R" Simple.

6) Fun at the Beach
I am thinking of bring Little One for a beach walk. Pasir Ris Park is one on my list. It had been quite sometime ago I brought her to a beach.

Most of the activities I have chosen have a good mixture of indoor and outdoor activities. The Outdoor activities are mostly nature related. Singapore has so much to be explored! With these activities, I am sure we would have a fun filled holiday! How about you? What have you plan to do for this holiday?

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