Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WW this month... Architecture and Buildings

For this month's WW, I would be introducing some buildings in Singapore. I am sure at least one of them are iconic buildings Singaporeans are familiar with. I would like to introduce let readers know more about these buildings

Singapore being a multi-racial country, initially I intended to introduce architecture that represent the 3 major races of Singapore, the Chinese, Malays and Indians. I was thinking, I may introduce some architecture of other races for the last week of June.

However, during my quest to find a representative for the 4 different race groups, I found difficulty. I cannot find a building that is totally Chinese except that of those found in Chinese Gardens and Chinese temples. I tried hard to look for a place that once you look, you know straight away it is a Malay House or building. I am looking for one with Malay motifs and stuff like that but could not really find one. Even Malay Heritage Centre is a mixture of European architecture with Malay motif.  Much less to find an uniquely Indian building.
Probably, my understanding of these racial cultures is not strong enough. Maybe, the buildings were gone faster before a half a century is up. In Singapore, land is scarce.

In the end, I decided to go with the architecture and the development of Singapore instead. The evolution of buildings in Singapore and through these architecture, we shall see how different and how building structure changes with the history of  Singapore.

The Colonial Times - A building that represent that Singapore was part of colonial ruling.
The Pioneers - Terrace house which the pioneers had lived in.
The Last Village - People used to lived in villages in the past. Sadly, many of our villages have been demolished for new infrastructure due to scarce land.
The Modern - developing Singapore's cultural infrastructure.

Hopefully this would interest you to look at Singapore buildings with a different light.

If you like to vote for your top 3 buildings and top 3 places to be conserved, you may want to visit below website.

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