Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little One is Sewing

 In April, Little One had a cut on her middle finger and was sent to the hospital by her  uncle and aunty. We decided make a simple card for them.  It is made by using scrape book materials. I get Little One to be involved by selecting the stuff she wanted to put on the card, followed by sewing the words "THANK YOU" on the card.

WARNING! This activity is pretty 'dangerous'. Do it at your own risk!

Write the words and poke the outline using needles. (Do this yourself.)  I am not sure whether crewel needle works but I used my biggest sharp needle. Please don't come after me should the needle broke, bent or whatsoever.

After the holes were done, it was Little One's turn to sew. She was using the same needle. I had tied a knot for her. I need to sit through the whole process to guide and to ensure she does not poke herself.  If your kid had not attempting sewing  with a Tapestry needle (needle with blunt end), I think it is best to avoid this activity. I am not responsible if your kid suffer the same fate as Aurora :P
Sewing in process. I was paying full attention on her and the needle.

Ta-dah! Completed! To cover up the threading at the back of the card, you could cover up with Washi Tapes or decorative stickers.

Report Card:-

Suitable Age Group:- 4 and above.
Difficulty level: 3/5 (Level 1 being no or little help is required, Level 5 being very difficult)
Safety level : 1/5 (Level 1 being very unsafe, Level 5 being very safe, Supervision is required for this craft due to sharp equipment.  )
Messiness: No mess
Fun Level : 4/5 (Sewing is not really her favourite thing, she feels like doing it because she saw me sew.)

I may continue providing Little One this craft to save money on sewing kits. Sewing alphabets seemed to work better on her.

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  1. Wow she can sew really well! I've been wanting to let Angel try sewing with the tapestry needle and do some cross stitching too, must get down to doing it. =) Glad her cut is not serious and what a valuable lesson it is to teach her to show her gratitude to others who care for her! Thanks for linking up! =)

    1. She has been with me to several sewing classes, hence, she has an idea what sewing was. She knows she has to sew through those holes. At this point of time, she still gets a little confused as to what holes she had to sew through... LOL...

    2. And thank you for your kind words, Summer!


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